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Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences

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Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences

Author: Matt

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My Experience With Tonsil Stones

Some time ago I found a white spot in my throat near the back. I did not realize it at the time but the spot was a tonsillolith.  Tonsilloliths are more commonly known as a tonsil stones. Initially I assumed the tonsil stone was just a sore and perhaps I was coming down with strep throat. The strange thing was that my throat was not getting sore. I just had this odd sensation in my throat. It was more annoying than painful. I grew more concerned as time passed and the lump just got bigger and more annoying. Though I had been neglecting visiting my dentist, I made an appointment thinking he could offer information on what this annoying white spot was. I was glad to hear from him that the spot was just some "debris" and I should gargle to get rid of it. Upon arriving home I attempted this with no success. The spot remained.

For the next few weeks I tried to rid my of the menace without any luck. I finally fought the gag reflex and stuck my finger into my throat to dislodge it. My brief period of happiness lasted for about two weeks before my tonsil stones returned.

Researching tonsil stones

I decided to research the white spot online. I located a diagram with explanation. I learned the medical term for the white spot is "tonsillolith" also known as tonsil stones or tonsil rocks. Apparently it is not known for certain what causes tonsil stones. One possible cause of tonsil stones is the collection of mucous and bacteria in the tonsil crypts or tonsil pockets. Some people have deeper tonsil crypts than others and these fluids collect there forming tonsil stones. This made sense to me because I've noticed that one of my tonsil crypts is deeper than the other. This is the side that produces tonsil stones.

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

There has been only one way I've found to prevent tonsil stones. After trying other tonsil stone home remedies and having no success, I decided to go with a product created by Doctor Harold Katz DDS. Katz specializes in bad breath remedies but addresses tonsil stones on his website as well. He has an article on tonsil stone prevention which is very informative. I am always somewhat skeptical about making online purchases but I ordered his tonsil stone kit anyway. For the first couple of weeks I was unimpressed with his tonsil stone remedy because at times, I went two or more weeks without tonsil stones without the tonsil stone kit. More time passed though and I became a firm believer in his methods. Since I started using his tonsil stone remedy, I have not experienced a single tonsil stone episode. I consider myself very fortunate because like others, I even considered removing my tonsils to prevent tonsil stones. I found a coupon code for his tonsil stone remedy. If you enter "A-TNS30" during your order, you will get the tonsil stone prevention kit for free with an order of $30.00. Otherwise, the tonsil stone kit costs about $36.00. With the code you'll be able to try his other products as well.

How to Remove Tonsil Stones

Before discovering Doctor Katz' tonsil stone remedy, I did figure out an easier way to dislodge tonsil stones than gagging yourself. I used a water pik or dental irrigator. These devices are powerful sprayers that clean between your teeth and are supposedly more effective than flossing. You will need one that is strong enough to dislodge your tonsil stones. The cheapest I've found (that works) is the Conair Interplak Water Jet I would not use any smaller water piks than this one. It is available at Amazon for about $39.00.

Your Tonsil Stones

Hopefully, by sharing my experiences with tonsil stones I have helped you in dealing with yours. I was pretty desparate when I finally figured how to 1)Remove tonsil stones and 2)Prevent tonsil stones from returning. I know desparation is not a fun feeling and I genuinely hope that you can find a way to deal with your tonsil stones if you are like I was.

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guest kmd commented on 29 May 2007, 17:57:28
I have a simple question: Are tonsil stones hard - i.e., like "little stones?" My sister has what she thinks are tonsil stones, but they are not hard --= they are more like silly putty. What do you all think? Thanks.

guest commented on 31 May 2007, 05:42:05
How I got rid of tonsil stones!
First, cut back on dairy foods. I switched to soya milk (except for in my coffee) and rarely ate any cheese.
However, i believe the most effective way of eliminating these nuisances is just vigorous mouth hygiene. I started flossing every evening, using a alcohol-free mouthwash, and bought a TONGUE SCRAPER(just a cheap plastic one), which i believe was my key to tonsillolith freedom! i noticed on my tongue was a yellowy layer, which was thicker nearer the back of my tongue. I concluded that this must be the cause of the build up of bacteria and sulphates and after less than a week of using the tongue scraper twice a day, (after the tonsilloliths already in my throat had been poked out using a torch and cotton wool) there was no sign of the little blighters!!
Now, 2 months on i am so much more confident, my mouth smells fresh and being 17, am delighted that i have tackled the problem early on.
I wish u all the best of luck. Happy tongue scraping!

Matt commented on 02 Jun 2007, 00:59:05
Hello KMD,
Tonsil stones are not really all that hard, The silly putty description you mentioned seems about what like I've experienced.

guest commented on 03 Jun 2007, 15:01:40
Hello,I have to Thank you very much for your website.It's very helpfull.I'm a guy from Czech republic fighting tonsil stones and bad breath.I just want to ask you one question.Have you got bad breath I mean constant,caused by this or no.For me it's very important.When you found how to prevent tonsil stones has your bad breath gone??/ Thanks very much Michael

Matt commented on 06 Jun 2007, 16:33:57
Hi Michael,
Tonsil stones are known for causing very bad breath. The tonsil stone remedy above has helped me rid myself of them and the bad breath that goes along with them. Click the link in the third paragraph of the above article to learn more.

guest commented on 12 Jun 2007, 09:50:42
I have suffered with tonsiliths for quite a while. Mine reappear several times within a day. I remove them with a toothpick. It works well, but they reappear within a few hours. Help!! Thanks

guest commented on 12 Jun 2007, 14:44:57
my stones come out after i feel sore throat on one side, i cough hard and out it comes,mucus with sometimes a pink tint or dark, could be coffee,sometimes i think oh know throat cancer

FLGuest commented on 14 Jun 2007, 15:45:20
I tried flossing and the non-alcohol mouthwash as a preventative but it had no effect. I've been removing them with q-tips. I can push on the tonsil a bit and then when I see it start to come out one of the craters I can can usually manage to get it the rest of the way out. Some times it really feels like I have a massive amount in there.

guest commented on 16 Jun 2007, 01:03:35
I get they disgusting things as well. I first noticed these about 7 years ago. I had a sensation of something being stuck in my throught, like a popcorn kernal. When I checked in the mirror I could see a white pimple looking thing on the back of my palate. I just used my finger and poked at the side and put a little presure under it and it popped right out. Yes, it smelled absolutely disgusting. I still get them. I guess they are in the pits that used to be my tonsils. No I never had the tonsils removed but they went away on their own. (This is what my doctor told me).

guest commented on 18 Jun 2007, 03:03:31
yes it does smell like fecal matter indeed i thought it was bad breath and brushed ever since but they will still come back i had my first one around 11 or so and now im 17 and just had strep throat and jeez they came back oozing out of my tonsils pretty bad but now i just have empty holes that hurt??? can somebody help me? and also im coughing up the remaining pus thats being broken down by the antibiotics from strep throat but help
heres my secret bot free email address for ur help
locdogg789 @ msn . com

guest commented on 09 Jul 2007, 16:39:37
I'm so glad I looked into this on the net! I've had tonsil stones for the past 20 years. I had no idea that this weird affliction affected so many others. I've wanted my tonsils removed for some time, but my husband who is a physician keeps telling me that my problem wouldn't warrant the risk of the surgery. I do have unusually large tonsils, so I'm sure that's a big part of the problem. Since I've been dealing with this for so long by using Q-Tips to scrape them off, I've pretty much elimited my gag reflex or so I thought until I had to start working them out from behind my tonsil. Oh So Gross! Anyway, I'm excited about trying a water pick and some of the other remommended methods for prevention. Good luck to the rest of you!

Michael commented on 27 Jul 2007, 11:53:43
Hello,I was interested in bad breath for quite a long time.I went through many webpages and it helped me a lot.
Bad breath can have many causes and two people with same deases can have different breath.Sinusitis can but DOESN'T have to cause bad breath,as well as chronic cough,acid reflux and many others.
Tonsil stones are not only due to bacterias producing hydrogen sulfid but many others as well.
I read story about bacteria from dog(psteulla) that caused terrible breath and tonsil stones.After taking antibiotics,bad breath and tonsil stones were gone.Not at all,but remaining matter didn't smell so much or at all and wasn't forming stones.
I have found bacteria ENTEROBACTER in my mouth.After taking pills,my dental floss doesn't smell anymore,even if there are any parts of food and I can't find tonsil stones in my throat any more.Thanks to yours and other websites I found the way GOOD LUCK to everyone

guest commented on 28 Jul 2007, 13:12:13
I've been discovering these nasty little yellow clumps in my mouth for years, so disgusted I never told anyone. Then one day my sister starts complaining about the same thing and I was like ME TOO! She had the guts to collect of few of her own to show her doctor and her doctor didn't even know what they were. Now, years later we find our answer on the web. TONSIL STONES. I'm too grossed out to go fishing for them in the back of my throat but she has told me how she's been treating them. She makes a habit of scooping out that little hole in each tonsil with a Q-TIP. You have to master your gag reflex somewhat though. I'd rather try and convince my doctor to remove my tonsils. I'm not using 'em anyway!

guest commented on 29 Jul 2007, 12:57:06
I remove mine regulary, just get a mirror and a flashlight, take a qtip and push on the outside where the stone usually is , then it will usually pop right out. I can also use my finger to push up under my tonsil and it can pop out. If one is very stuck, I have a tool that is made to remove blemishes, it looks like a little metal stick with loops on each end, I make sure it is clean and I dig them out, then I gargle with peroxide after and whalla, all gone for a few months!

guest commented on 08 Aug 2007, 15:14:33
I have suffered from tonsil stones my whole life. I had no idea were the chronic bad breath came from! I have never had a cavity.I was searching online one day and came acrossed this site. Thank god! It seemed that over the years(i am 30 now) my bad breath has become worse. I have made an appointment with an ENT to have the stones removed. My tonsils are so enlarged with stones it is virtually impossible to remove myself. My throat becomes very irritated and I get sick to my stomach. I just wanted to thank everyone for writing their experiences!!

Erica commented on 16 Aug 2007, 22:13:17
I seriously struggle with tonsil stones on a daily basis, and am constantly paranoid about bad breath. I vigorously brush my teeth and tongue and tonsils to get rid of them everyday. It is so exhausting! Has anyone tried the tonsil stone remedy stuff? It sounds to good to be true but I really want it if it work! Thanks.

guest commented on 23 Aug 2007, 15:39:45
I think I may have similar but mine is white spot back of throat just behind roof of mouth, it comes and goes a couple of times per week but always appears in the same place. However, I've had mine tonsils removed a couple of years ago due to bad throat infections and rarely get sore throats since - is this the same or any ideas on what it could be?

guest commented on 24 Aug 2007, 10:22:52
I have had tonsil stones for years now. I get them out by taking my finger and pressing on my tonsil , starting on the bottom and working up.

Kel commented on 27 Aug 2007, 22:46:23
Tonsil stones are quite common. After suffering from these nasty things for almost 3 years & trying everything from mouthwashes, salt gargles. I had had enough! In the end they just got worse and worse and I was getting them 2 to 3 times a month! The only way to make them go for good is a tonsillectomy!

concerned commented on 31 Aug 2007, 22:30:21
i've experienced tonsil stones too. i've tried dr.katz products. in our country(Philippines) because it's too far then the prices are too high too. i purchased the toothpaste and the gargle for about $50. don't worry,in the US it's way cheaper. i noticed that my breath got better and the canker sore are not as alarming as before. even in the morning,my breath smells nice. try it guys,it's worth it. good luck!

guest commented on 04 Sep 2007, 13:32:32
i have been suffering with tonsillithis for about a year. it's very hard to live with this, i have looked for help, but it still doesn't work. there have been times, when i just poke my tonsillar crypts with a toothpick to remove the debris, but it comes back.

guest commented on 06 Sep 2007, 06:08:37
i've had this problem too... i haven't experienced any bad breath although i'm paranoid about it. my boyfriend swears my breath doesn't smell and he should know!
they are disgusting though. i had 6 of them on one tonsil before i worked out how to get rid of them. i've made my tonsils bleed from poking them too hard wth a toothbrush. i've tried gargling salt water, brushing and flossing up to 3 times a day, cutting out dairy, nothing seems to work :(
a tonsillectomy is out of the question as i'm a music teacher and need a healthy throat all the time!

guest commented on 06 Sep 2007, 10:30:46
hell yeah!! im not the only person on the planet suffering from this, shall we say, sickening disorder. . thanx 4 the FANTASTIC site. . soooooo helpful

guest commented on 12 Sep 2007, 22:46:36
I take Zertec, Flonaze, and use a tongue scraper everyday to prevent the post nasal drip that causes my tonsil stones. Yesterday they came back, so I did "NeilMed Sinus Rinse" and gargled with hot salt water for tow nights. I got rid of it tonight, thankfully. It smelled disgusting. Do you really think it is worth investing in a water pick? Also, should I get my tonsils removed?

guest commented on 20 Sep 2007, 16:05:15
i hate tonsil stones i always wonder if other people think i have bad breath because if them, no one has told me anything and my gf still kisses me no complaints from her. i can usually get them out using my tongue but they always come back. ill do anything to get rid of them for good, but the ENT doctor wont take out my tonsils so i need to go another route. what do i do?

Nancy commented on 21 Sep 2007, 05:04:22
I found that if I rinse out my sinuses with a warm saline rinse, it helps not only post-nasal drip and symptoms from allergies, it also decreases the amount and frequency of tonsil stones I get. It seems to be the only thing that has helped me so far. The first time you rinse your sinuses out you feel like you're drowning, but the relief surpasses the slight discomfort. Give it a try and see how you feel.

guest commented on 25 Sep 2007, 21:27:43

guest commented on 25 Sep 2007, 22:47:50
I am glad to hear some information about these tonsil stones. When i first had one i woke up with something "fuzzy" feeling in my throat my first thought was a spider crawled in there in the night. As gross as these stones are, im really glad it wasn't a spider! i 've had two since and i am going to try all of your suggestions to prevent them! thanks

guest commented on 26 Sep 2007, 07:58:35
I just ordered the products from Doctor Katz. I really hope this works! I have been dealing with the stones for about 10 years! I am so excited to try something new and hopefully it will work!

Lynda commented on 06 Oct 2007, 19:01:20
I have had these since I was a kid... I was told by a doctor once not to worry that the tonsils trapped germs as they went down your throat and formed those germs into the tonsilloths(sp?) which have to go somewhere so they pop out. If one irritates me I just dab a bit of toothache remedy on the tonsil with a q-tip then pop it out manually with a toothpick or something... I notice they appear more during cough and cold season on myself and now my kids, so maybe there's something to what the doc told me when I was a kid....

guest commented on 09 Oct 2007, 23:34:20
oh my goodness! i have them too.
im always poking at it with my Q-tip to push it out. but i noticed if i squeeze at it with my Q-tip eveyday just a yellowy-green liquid will come out and it doesnt form a big stone like it usually does. but now i have a lump on the side of my neck where the affected tonsil is.
i dont know what it is! but its worrying me.
anyone else have the lump on the neck?

guest commented on 10 Oct 2007, 15:53:24
i have had tonsil stones practically my whole life. They are more of an irritatoin than anything, I suually coughe them up at night more than any other time of the day, but recently I've been picking them out with my fingers. Also,I'm a dental hygienist so I am obsessed with my oral hygiene. I brush, floss , rinse, tongue scrape at least 4-5 times a day but the tonisl stones still come back! I was thinking about trying those products from Dr. Katz (therabreath) but I'm skeptical about trying things online. has anybody tried them yet? and would you recommend it?

guest commented on 15 Oct 2007, 23:18:58
I had one and I couldn't get it to dislodge and I eventually poped it with a toothpick and a little white goo came out abd I looked where the stone was and it wasn't there. I know the amount of white goo was not enough to empty the stone. so where did it go?

Andrea commented on 16 Oct 2007, 11:00:12
Another way I found to get rid of the stones was usuing mouthwash along with a tweezer to pull out the stones. kinda bled a lil but i found that ALOT came out and for me i havnt really had ne thing go on since then. And is it normal to have flu like symptoms with them in ur tonsils and then once removed it goes away almost immediately? that happend to me a few years ago and im just trying to see if it was just me or what!

guest commented on 19 Oct 2007, 15:06:01
Tonsil stones do not consist of food particles, as many tend to believe. They consist of protein, and are especially prevalent when an excess of protein has been consumed and processed by the body. One avenue the excess protein takes as it leaves the body is through the tonsils. Not everyone who consumes large amounts of protein gets tonsils stones, but there is a much higher incidence of occurence in those who have on-going sinus issues (either caused by allergies or by structural ENT challenges, such as a deviated septum, etc.).
You may test this by temporarily increasing your intake of protein for a couple of days (Eating high-protein bars is an easy way to do it.), and you will notice a dramatic increase in the frequency and size of your tonsil stones during this time. After a couple of days, reduce your protein intake to a much lower level (even lower than you usually consume) and your tonsils stones will dramatically decrease, if not disappear altogether.
I hope this information can be beneficial to anyone who suffers from tonsils stones.

guest commented on 22 Oct 2007, 20:19:40
I use a tweezer to get the tonsil stones from the back of my throat.

Mom in CA commented on 26 Oct 2007, 14:46:11
I have had some relief from my tonsil stones in recent years but just this week I've gotten a pretty bad case of a sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. and I'm getting stones each time I eat. I used to be able to pop them out with a bobby pin but I can't seem to get any relief right now and I'm considering getting a water pik because I need some quick relief!! Anyway, I'm also wondering if anyone has ever had a doctor remove the stones for them? I had a doctor tell me to "just brush your tonsils." OUCH. That sounded awful and I have tried it and it doesn't work in removing stones for me and it seriously makes me sick. I wish I had gotten my tonsils out a few years ago when I had the chance, but I got pregnant, have been nursing my son ever since and now pregnant again so I'm not exactly in the right position to be having surgery! Hopefully I can get relief from a water pik.

guest commented on 01 Nov 2007, 23:39:47
To the person who asked about smelling them. Yes, they smell gross! I have talked to several people who say the same thing - especially when you crush them - yuck!

guest commented on 02 Nov 2007, 00:47:12
I've been feeling something stuck in my throat or tongue(not sure)for the past week. It was tolerable in the beginning. I thougth it might go away gradually. But by this past Sunday night, I felt it growing bigger(maybe not). But it's been bothering me more and more. I went to see my physician. He checked my mouth and told me there was a white patch on my tonsil. He suspected it was bacteria. So he took a sample and sent to the lab. The result came back today. It wasn't bacteria. Now I become more concerned. Yesterday and today I gaggled out some white or yellowish soft stuff. Pretty smelly. Like rotten cheese(I don't eat cheese, actually). Does this sound like tonsil stone to you? Help, please. I am worried about cancer. Will see an ENT next week.

JB commented on 06 Nov 2007, 00:53:32
thank you so very much. i've been searching the web for the last 90 minutes trying to figure out what's been going on with me for about the last year or so. i went to the doctor at first but he noticed something he thought was going on with my thyroid, we got side tracked, and i let it go thinking that would take care of it. but it never stopped. friday night at work was my most recent occurance with tonsil stones so i decided to google it. i'm glad i actually have a name for it now and know how to take care of it.

guest commented on 07 Nov 2007, 15:01:51
Regarding the cough mentioned above: You may be experiencing paradoxical vocal fold movement or paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction (PVD). Look it up on the web and see if the other symptoms match yours. I'm a speech pathologist and treat this on occasion. If it is this--there is treatment! Oh, and I do have tonsil stones as well! Thanks for the info on that!

guest commented on 09 Nov 2007, 10:15:47
My throath hurts on one side and I can't get the tonsil stones to come up unless I cough REALLY hard or move the muscles in my throat around, almost to the point that it hurts. I don't have like,cancer or something do i?

guest commented on 09 Nov 2007, 10:15:54
My throath hurts on one side and I can't get the tonsil stones to come up unless I cough REALLY hard or move the muscles in my throat around, almost to the point that it hurts. I don't have like,cancer or something do i?

Carmen commented on 09 Nov 2007, 19:14:45
Wow, I didn't know you could dislodge them! I just took one that's been forming for a few days out with my finger; but some of it is still back there. I think it starts out as soft and then hardens, getting bigger until it dislodges itself. I'm glad there's a way to get them out, because the bigger it gets, the more uncomfortable, and I hate the thought of randomly spitting it out at work, or worse, swallowing it!
I've been getting them probably once a year ever since I was a little girl; I remember the first time I spit one out in class, I panicked because I thought I was losing my teeth, lol. Nowadays, people think I'm crazy, "Do you guys spit out those hard little white things every now and then?"
I'm glad there's a solution; I will definitely be investing in a water pik.

guest commented on 13 Nov 2007, 21:30:25
I am so glad that I am not alone!! I thought that I was a freek or something!! I have the yellowish balls in the back of my throat. I get them about every 6 months but when I eat fast food they come sooner. I use a Q-tip or toothpick to get them out. Sometimes that makes my tonsils bleed a little. I always think that they make me have bad breath so I always have gum in my purse. Good to know that I am not all alone with this. Good luck!

guest commented on 14 Nov 2007, 13:49:58
I just recently discovered tonsil stones in my throat and I hate them! I don't want these ugly pieces of crap coming out of my throat. I haven't smelled them, I don't think mine smell. But, I am scared that I have cancer. Thanks for assuring me I probably don't! :D

guest commented on 16 Nov 2007, 15:12:19
do tonsils stones sometimes feel like if you swallow hard enough u can get it to gp down your throat? or like they move from one side to the other or even sit in the middle way back in yout throat?

guest commented on 16 Nov 2007, 15:12:21
do tonsils stones sometimes feel like if you swallow hard enough u can get it to gp down your throat? or like they move from one side to the other or even sit in the middle way back in yout throat?

guest commented on 19 Nov 2007, 11:11:40
I get tonsil stones, and its horrible because I feel like my breath is bad, and I hate talking to people. I tried to gargle with peroxide, but that didn't help. I'm going to get a tongue scraper asap. Also, I heard putting vaseline under your tongue stops bad that true? I wanted to get my tonsils out, but I'm pregnant, and I didn't want to be under any kind of medication at all...

guest commented on 26 Nov 2007, 17:50:38
Taking a Qtip and rubbing it over top of the tonsil stone seems to dislodge the stone for me.

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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White Spots on Tonsils
Wondering what those white spots on your tonsils are? Relax,they're relatively harmless but can be ...

White Spots on Tonsils
Wondering what those white spots on your tonsils are? Relax,they're relatively harmless but can be ...

Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences
This article contains an overview of what tonsil stones are and what causes them. Discover the meth...

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