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Pictures of Tonsil Stones

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Pictures of Tonsil Stones

Author: Doug

Pictures of Tonsil Stones


Tonsil stones can be very annoying. If you have found your way to this site then you may already know what having tonsil stones is like. In either case, it's safe to say you do not want to get them. I have not yet met anyone who was excited about getting tonsil stones. The purpose of this article is to help those of you who are still trying to figure out if that nasty white ball in your throat is in fact a tonsil stone.


In this diagram, you'll notice the locations of the tongue, adenoids, tonsils etc. These items have been labeled for reference. If the white ball you are experiencing is located in the area of the tonsils, then it's most likely a tonsil stone.



These photos give you an idea of what tonsil stones look like after being removed.




I too have suffered from tonsil stones.  It was some time before I located a remedy that worked for me.  You may need to try different things before successfully ridding yourself of these annoying things.  I went for several years before discovering Dr. Katz' tonsil stone remedy

Be sure to see the other articles on this site for information on removing tonsil stones and prevention of tonsil stones.


Thank you to California Breath Clinics, and Wikipedia for the above images.


Tonsillolith. (2007, February 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 03:49, February 13, 2007, from



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guest commented on 29 May 2007, 07:38:15
My brother and I get them often and so I knew we weren't the only ones who had this problem. It's of course a very annoying problem and it has made me extremely self conscious especially when I talk to people. I can tell when I have a tonsil stone because I can either taste it, or smell it. Gross!

faith commented on 29 May 2007, 09:51:01
I live in kenya and i have been having a problem of tonsils.I have been taking antibiotics for four years now and no improvement. my tonsils appears when i take a cold stuff or when the climate is cold.
Am tied of taking this antibiotics which are very expensive and seeing a pedtrician every now and then. please advice my email no.

faith commented on 29 May 2007, 10:09:17
I live in kenya and i have been having a problem of tonsils.I have been taking antibiotics for four years now and no improvement. my tonsils appears when i take a cold stuff or when the climate is cold.
Am tied of taking this antibiotics which are very expensive and seeing a pedtrician every now and then. please advice my email no.
am 28 years old

guest commented on 07 Jun 2007, 08:19:46
I did not know that anyone eles had this problem. Thank you for an answer!

guest commented on 07 Jun 2007, 20:16:21
i had my tonsils out and developed these after...due to the deep cutting that was necessary during the tonsillectomy.
they are not diffiicult to deal with: what works for me is a bit of pressure with a soft Q-tip on the underside of it.

Kathy commented on 23 Jun 2007, 11:23:43
These tonsil stones become obesessive after a know they are there as you can feel the tightness in your tonsils. I sometimes get a flashlight and look in my mouth, and when I see them, get a toothpick or skewer and pop that sucker...instant relief!

Danielle commented on 23 Jun 2007, 14:09:42
Yeah, me and my bro have coughed these up before. Boy, do they stink! Before I checked this website though, I used a toothpick to dig it out, it's disgusting!

julie commented on 25 Jun 2007, 19:02:27
I am 31 years old and have had these things since I was a young child. I'm sick of them. I use my fingernail and pop them right out. They smell like poo. I think I will have my tonsils removed. I just found out what they were yesterday from going on the web.

guest commented on 25 Jun 2007, 19:07:47
I've been rsearching these annoying poo smelling balls and was told that gargling with salt water and using Aktiv Oxigen Tablets and nasal sinus drops will eliminate the tonsillolith and prevent having to get the tonsil removed.

guest commented on 02 Jul 2007, 13:55:14
i have them and i am 13 , they are a pain

Cathy commented on 04 Jul 2007, 13:54:29
i thought i was the only person with these thingies. i coughed a few of these up and didnt know what they were and when i asked my friends if they had them they thought i was nuts AND gross when i told them how rancid they smelled! we need a support group for these stones or at least a chat site where we can all talk about this without being humilated...any takers?

guest commented on 04 Jul 2007, 19:05:13
Thank God for those brave enough to share their stories and EVEN pictures! I thought I was dying of some horrific mouth disease! This better enables me to go to my doc and tell her exactly what I have! Thank you!

guest commented on 06 Jul 2007, 10:35:32
It's oddly pleasant to know that I am not along; however, I mostly see complaints of one or a few. The other day I pulled 10-15 out of both tonsils! Please tell me that I am not alone...

guest commented on 09 Jul 2007, 02:49:24
Yep - I get these... I dont however have a sore throat or anything like that - perfectly healthy. I dont have a good gag reflex but I can get these stones out qite easily, I'll use anything to hand when I spot one, Pen, cotton buds, anything, when I see one its gotta come out. I took me ages to think to smell them but my gosh dont they smell? Good luck folks
Emma, 24, UK

sandy commented on 09 Jul 2007, 17:40:54
oh my god! no u are not alone i just found out what these things are i've had them since i was about 15 im 27 now and the first time i took them out it was so gross i took about that many 10 or 15 it was horrible i've never let them get so bad again as soon as i start feeling bad breath in the back of my throat i know they are there and try to take them out! im so glad i know what they are! i also thought i was alone with this embarrasing gross secret i've never told any one before i was too embarrast

Becky commented on 09 Jul 2007, 18:06:35
I have been getting these for years now and never knew what the were i hate them so much and i cant wait to gte rid of them.When they are in the back of my throat they almost drive me insane!

guest commented on 09 Jul 2007, 22:06:25
I've been suffering from Tonsil stones too. The smell and taste would be so bad I would gag! I can only imagine what other people thought. I had my tonsils removed last thursday. That should be the last of those!

caroline commented on 11 Jul 2007, 21:40:35
Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only one with this problem. I have had them for several years. I just recently found out what they were. It used to not bother me, but now I am obsessed with worrying about my breath smelling bad. I am so self conscious when talking to people. I always have gum in my mouth. I literally consumes my life. It is all I think about when I am anywhere but home. I dig them out with a bobby pin, and yes to the comment before, I will get 10 or more out sometimes. It is so gross. Sometimes I wonder if maybe some of my relationships that ended with no reason in the past was because of this. I know it would turn me off. Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Any advise?

Heraolda commented on 12 Jul 2007, 21:43:51
My little sister used to call the stones "dookie balls" because when you squish them between your fingers it's exactly what it smells like. Mine don't have a taste though. After I hack one up and smell it, I swallow it up because I dont want it laying in the trash. I figure that my body made it, so it must be equipped to deal with it. I love seeing how big mine get (not much bitter than the tip of a highlighter. Ya'll make it sound like these stones are the end of the world. Focus on something else to complain about and get over the stones!

Phil commented on 13 Jul 2007, 06:25:08
Gargling with mouthwash everyday helps. I rinse mine with
a small plastic syringe (from my dentist) every few days.
Be careful because it is bacteria and you dont want to flush
them into your nasil passages. It is funny that doctors and
dentists dont know more about them.

guest commented on 13 Jul 2007, 09:39:01
Hello all. I also suffered with this afflection, but luckily I also found this site and others like it and found out what those horrible smelling things were. I use to get them when I was a child, but only sparingly. Recently, I started to get them, maybe one or two every week. I could not take it. I went to an ear, nose, and throat doctor and was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. I just had my tonsils removed about two weeks ago (not a pleasant experience), so hopefully I will not see them again. From what I understand, unless you remove the hiding place for these small food particles and sulfur producing bacteria that grow on them, you will forever have to deal with the menace. Good luck all and you are not alone.

guest commented on 13 Jul 2007, 22:00:57
My daughter just got one (first time) how long do they last , will it just go away?

guest commented on 13 Jul 2007, 22:49:47
I first got tonsil stones two months ago. I thought it was trapped mucus, but trapped mucus doesn't stick like that in the sponge-like tonsils. Usually they go away after a day(I guess I accidently swallow them during eating or in my sleep?) But they come back ever week or so. But recently, I had one that remained for 3 weeks! I got sick of it, and decided to take it out. Success! I finally got to see it up close and personal. It is exactly like the image above. WOW. Now I know I have post nasal drip, so I guess that causes it? Blowing my nose often helps that, but looks like it causes tonsil stones as well. Time to show this ugly particle to my doctor.

guest commented on 14 Jul 2007, 01:20:55
lol the web rules i thought i had an unknown disease, my left tonsil is abnormally large to most people, but my docs say i have always just had larger tonsils and it is nothing to worry about for now

guest commented on 15 Jul 2007, 02:17:30
my sister called me at work today and told me about the little white bumps on her tonsils. well to make her feel better i let her look in my mouth and BAM! there were three little white bumps on my left tonsil! now my throat is sore and i feel awful! one question- are they bacterial or anything? because i have a heart murmur and i have to be careful with bacteria from my mouth getting into my bloodstream

matt commented on 17 Jul 2007, 16:49:09
My understanding is that tonsil stones are partially made up of bacteria. I don't know if it's dead bacteria or what. The article on this site titled "How to prevent tonsil stones" has some good information and links to Doctor Katz who is the expert on the topic.

Melissa commented on 17 Jul 2007, 22:49:38
oh, fellow tonsil stone friends. I get these and I actually went to the doctor for them once but she didnt tell me what they were, just that they were normal. Yuck!!! My brother and mom and I all get them and my husband thinks its crazy! Its really gross though. I never knew they were called tonsil stones until today. My brother wont eat corn because he thinks thats where they come from, since thats what they look like....keep on digging!

Robert commented on 18 Jul 2007, 17:16:12
I'm 46 years old and have had these things all my life. A former doctor of mine told me that my tonsils were craterous which allowed the stones to develop deep within the tonsils. This made the removal of them all the more difficult. Although I want to have my tonsils removed, until then, I have devised my own tonsil stone removal system. It's very aggressive and care does need to be taken when using this method. But it does work if you have deep tonsils like mine. I fill an eye dropper with undiluted hydrogen peroxide, insert the dropper tip into my tonsils and literally flush them out. It is amazing how many stones can be "bubbled" out when I do this. As I have done though, I would talk to your doctor first about this method because you could injure the tonsil. But it does work for me! Like many other people here, these things have so compromised my social life. I have not dated in years basically because I feel that no one would ever want to kiss somebody with breath like mine...I don't think I would either. In addition to everything else, it has been a real source for my depression. For me, these damn things have almost seemed like a life curse. Good luck to all!

guest commented on 19 Jul 2007, 13:01:41
About a month ago I developed a lump on my tonsils that appears to look like a white-head (pimple). Doctor doesnt know what it is (gargling didnt help, couldnt be "popped" and antibiotics did nothing). Now I have an appointment with an ears/nose/throat doctor. Does anyone develop these stone without getting bad breath or bad tastes?

guest commented on 20 Jul 2007, 15:49:23
The tonsil stones and bad breath are not the only problems you might have. It might be a Streptococcal infection there. Do also ASO test (blood test) to check if there is any streptococcus. If there is, it may be the cause of heart, kidney and articulations diseases in long term. This was my case (tonsil stones + streptococcus). I have had my tonsillectomy on Tuesday (July 17) and I'm very happy I've done it. The thought that I was getting rid of them (tonsil stones) made me so powerful and I was not scared. I wish you Health!
The post op recovery is not easy but... don't let tonsil stones annoying you anymore! This is my advice but it will be your choice...think twice before deciding to undertake surgery. Inform yourself about the tonsils role in your body...and if you arrive at the conclusion that the tonsils do not serve your body properly anymore and the doc encourages you to take them out, then do it.:)...but, remember! think twice and take a consciouns decision. Sorry for my misspelling.

Jack commented on 20 Jul 2007, 19:00:37
I believe i might have just got this today. The thing is i a not feeling it in my tonsils. I feel near the bottom of my neck in the throat whenever food passes it. So is this a tonsill stone or might it really be some food stuck down there. Also the more i drank today the more the lump has gone down my throat.
Any ideas?
any way of getting these out?

Jack commented on 20 Jul 2007, 19:00:38
I believe i might have just got this today. The thing is i a not feeling it in my tonsils. I feel near the bottom of my neck in the throat whenever food passes it. So is this a tonsill stone or might it really be some food stuck down there. Also the more i drank today the more the lump has gone down my throat.
Any ideas?
any way of getting these out?

jp commented on 21 Jul 2007, 19:24:58
My tonsils were removed when I was 8 years old, but today I coughed/gagged one free. They do exist even when tonsils have been removed. This surprised me and answers the mild pain and bad taste I was having.

amused commented on 23 Jul 2007, 15:35:39
I too have experienced these bad boys for more than a decade. I think I had my first one when I was about 16 years old (27 now). I had NO idea what they were and could find nobody else who experienced them until today! They smell so bad and they're so relentless! I don't know why but everyone recounting their personal "feces ball" stories has had me rolling in laughter since I know exactly what you're dealing with. What can be done to make them stop? They reek so unbelievably bad. I don't know how you guys stick things back there to clear them out - apparently my gag reflex is very sensitive because if I did that I'd be puking everywhere. Any suggestions on what I can do? Does anything actually work? I refuse to get surgery.

guest commented on 23 Jul 2007, 19:29:07
I hate these things. They give me yucky breath. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow and will ask him to remove them. Sometimes they'll come out easily with a pin or the cut off end of a Q-tip. Sometimes they hide and cause my throat to be very sore.

Vera commented on 24 Jul 2007, 11:14:40
i first started getting them when i was about 11. then i didnt think to much about it... then when i got to 18 i thought i might have had throat cancer... considering i only seem to get it in one tonsil... but i never went to see a doc about it. silly i know. im 22 now and i only just now found out what these things are. its good to know it isnt a threat to my life.

mik commented on 24 Jul 2007, 11:28:30
i dont always get these but now i know what they are. accidentally found out while surfing.i used to think they were a material that was formed in my lungs or hacked up from my throat or even cancer from my lungs.turn out these gross things are bacterial,mucus,food crap apparently. EWW!!! grandpa showed me a tiny thing once when he (if i remember right) coughed or sneezed.

erin commented on 26 Jul 2007, 02:00:00
Having tonsil stones is a complete pain in the a**!! its so disgusting and drives me nuts! i have to pick my tonsils daily until they bleed to get them out. Its really embarrasing when i told my fiance and how disgusted he got. Now he gets them too! very weird.... anyway im glad im not the only one with this problem. I use a small spoon like plastic device i got from my doctor... works pretty well. anyway hope everyone else finds relief somehow!

sh commented on 26 Jul 2007, 11:01:51
I'm 44 and just got back from my doctor. Yep, tonsil stones. I'm amazed that no one told me about them before. My husband cant't deal with my intermittent bad breath that I now know comes from these things. I'm seeing an ENT to have my tonsils scraped and those crypts will essentially smooth out, not trapping the stones any more. A few days of a sore throat will be worth not having that embarrasing breath. I'm still shocked my dentist didn't tell me what the problem was/is.

No More Tonsil Stones commented on 26 Jul 2007, 18:15:47
Tonsil stones are disgusting. I have used the remedies mentioned by the article author above and found them to be very effective in removing and preventing my tonsil stones. Thank goodness, because I too was considering having my tonsils removed.

Gina commented on 28 Jul 2007, 20:29:30
I am 29 and have SUFFERED!!! From this grusome and disgusting ailment for years. I am picking these death smelling balls out 10-15 times a day, and up to 30 stones. i have picked so much that my tonsils have grown bigger, and would hold more at a time. I know my breath smells like crap and nobody wants to admit it to me. I have used the TheraBreath program faithfully for two years, and IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I am sinus meds all day, thinking that's the problem, and they seem to keep coming. I just had my tonsils removed, but am still in recovery, so I hope and pray that this is my answer for life, because having bad breath this severe is no way to live....

EJ commented on 30 Jul 2007, 17:49:10
Thank god for the internet! These things are absolutely disgusting and embarrassing. I have tried alll sorts of antics to try and remove these things. Never with a long term solution. At least I know that I am not the only one suffering. I have ordered Dr. Katz's TS remedy, its be here shortly hopefully I will find relief. Thanks to all who have shared.

Relax commented on 31 Jul 2007, 15:20:15
I find brushing my tongue and flossing between my teeth, greatly reduces the number of tonsiloliths I get. EVERYONE has bacteria in their mouths that produce smelly sulphur compounds and how many people do you know that have bad breath? Most people with bad breath don't floss or brush their tongue.

guest commented on 02 Aug 2007, 09:58:45
Thank God I have found out what was sticking upon my tonsils. I am glad I am not the only one out there with these gross things. I wanted to tell everyone that I have BAD allergies and Sinus problems which I believe contribute to these also. Someone had mentioned cutting out dairy products-I agree with that also. Yes, they stink to high heaven. My husband and I have tried many different things to get them to come out,....I have found that rigging up a Q-tip to the end of some sort of stick to get a good reach gets it out most of the time. I am in the field of Nursing and always get embarrased about these,...the stinky breath. Most of the nurses I work with have never heard of them. I coughed one up, and did a show and tell (nasty I know) but they were thrilled to see it. Now, I can tell other people (and my patients) about these to help someone else out.

Dragonic Peace commented on 02 Aug 2007, 19:49:24
I'm thirty and today is the first I've heard of these things!! I've coughed them up ever since I was very young. I started researching because my 4 year old son coughed one up last night and showed it to me. I knew what it was from the shape & smell.
Until last night I thought I was the ONLY person in the world to have these. I'm grateful to know my son & I are not alone.
I can remove them by coughing w/ gaging sounds. Sounds like a cat hissing, but the sound come from the back of my throat. I hadn't thought of them linked to my bad breath. It's so simple, I feel silly I never researched it before. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!

guest commented on 03 Aug 2007, 22:30:14
I have to admit...I have them and I hate them. I have found something rather gross that works to get them out though since I've dealt with them for years. Take a small or large Bobby Pin, depending on which crypt you're poking in or proding, and push or pull it out with the closed or rounded end. The tonsils are very sensitive and sometimes there might be blood but the closed end of the bobby pin can help pull them out in larger sections so you don't get a lot of small pieces. It's quick and easy, kinda gross but the bobby pins work if you can manipulate it with your hands and handle the gag reflex. Best of luck people!

guest commented on 06 Aug 2007, 17:28:04
Hey, I got a tonsil stone once when I was a teenager but i thought it was just a crazy build up of food at the time somewhere at the side of my tongue. I started getting them once every month about a year ago and it coincided with a me going through a period of being run-down and getting lots of colds. Strange. Anyway - initially i would just cough it up after a few days but i have developed an ability to get them out when they appear. I just push towardas the bottom of my palate tonsil and move my finger up and the thing will just pop out onto my finger nail - a ball about 4 or 5mm in diametre. I have decided to wage war against the problem now. I have just started using a powerful anti bacterial mouth wash - gargling and am waitng to see any results.

guest commented on 06 Aug 2007, 22:51:03
i ironically JUST successfully got rid of a tonsil stone and you know what? i used no medicine nor did i go to any doctor. I got an 8oz cup and filled it halfway with just ordinarty tap water. i then added ONLY 3 drops (as this is so concentrated you dont need much!) of grapefruit SEED EXTRACT, stir it in with the water very well, and gargle with it. Get it as deep in your throat as you can mainly focusing on the infected areas! Before i even finished the cup the tonsil stone came out. i still finsihed gargleing with the remaining solution though in case of any unseen residue. Afterward i gargle with a mouthwash like listerine or something to completely remove any taste as you know the taste IS NOT pleasant! I REALLY hope this tip works for you. please pass it on if it does.
by the way i got the grapefruit seed extract from a local health food store. The brand i used was NuttriBiotic the original, liquid concentrate. Also the taste is faint not at all unbearable and it is okay if you swallow some because it is all natural, and its almost inevitable for me not to accidently swallow some lol. Best of luck to you and dont get discouraged! it may take you a couple tries but for ME its worked everytime! and i dont get them often as long as i keep doing it.
please reply to let me know if helped you any

guest commented on 08 Aug 2007, 12:35:18
man these things are annoying!!!!!! i didn't know there was a name for it...but hte ones i get don't have a taste or make my breath smell bad...they're just an annoying feeling at the back of my mouth, i want to fix this asap!!

Tiffany commented on 09 Aug 2007, 13:27:30
For about three weeks now I have had this sensation that something is stuck in my right tonsil. The first week I was coughing and white balls were coming up. I still have that feeling but I don't see anything. Does anyone have this problem? Alot of you talk about these white spots but I don't have them.

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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