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This website is dedicated to all those who suffer from disgusting tonsil stones (a.k.a. tonsilloliths). Here you will find information on prevention and removal of them as well as individual stories. This website was created after vain attempts to find good information online regarding tonsil stones. After hours of searching I was unsuccesful in locating much in the way of prevention and removal of these little annoyances. So I conferred with other sufferers and produced this website. If you are dealing with them and just not sure what they are, do not panic. The following explainations should help. You are welcome to submit your own story (article) or add your comments to existing articles. Perhaps sharing information on your tonsil stones experiences will help others in dealing with theirs. You do not have to put up with tonsil stones, there are remedies that work. Read on.

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Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences (02 Feb 2007)
This article contains an overview of what tonsil stones are and what causes them. Discover the methods I used in removing tonsil stones and how I keep them from returning.

Pictures of Tonsil Stones (04 Feb 2007)
Still not sure if your suffering from tonsil stones? This article has pictures of tonsil stones to help you identify them.

How To Prevent Tonsil Stones (06 Feb 2007)
Learn about the science behind tonsil stones and how to deal with them.

Tonsil Stones (06 Nov 2007)
Best Way to get rid of Tonsil Stones

eww (03 Jan 2008)
tonsil stones

Definitive Cure (22 Jan 2008)
Tonsillectomy to cure Tonsil Stones

Small plaque balls in tonsils (08 Oct 2008)
Small plaque balls in tonsils

Post-Tonsillectomy stories (08 Oct 2008)
For anyone who has had a tonsillectomy did you have any issues or problems after it? Do you totally recommend it?

Tonsil Stones (08 Oct 2008)
Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones not Cancerous (08 Oct 2008)
Went to the doctor.

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After 10 years, discovery of new remedy! (14 Dec 2008)
Using steroid nasal sprays to prevent tonsilloliths

tonsil stones (14 Dec 2008)
how to cure tonsil stones

nasty tonsil stones (18 Jul 2009)
Im sick of them

White Spots on Tonsils (01 Aug 2009)
Wondering what those white spots on your tonsils are? Relax,they're relatively harmless but can be very annoying.

Cause of some tonsil stones (04 Aug 2009)
I've been researching the cause of tonsil stones for years and think the dots have finally been connected. Google 'Christine Wicks Queen Elizabeth Hospital' for information on her case. I've posted information at the ABC Homeopathy site for years.

bad breath (04 Aug 2009)
is it genetical?

what is this (04 Aug 2009)
trying to get tonsil stones out skin came out instead HELP!!

Tonsil Stones diet cure (04 Aug 2009)
Diet is the key

The Hidden Cost of Keeping Your Tonsils? (04 Aug 2009)
Did you forget something when you added up how much it would cost to treat your tonsil instead of remove them?

I found my answer (04 Aug 2009)
the most dicusting thing ever!!!

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guest commented on 04 Feb 2007, 00:13:32
Awesome article. I found it very helpful in removing my tonsil stones. The water jet works like a charm. Thanks for the info.

guest commented on 18 Apr 2007, 20:30:01
Over about the last 7 years or so, I have developed a chronic cough. I've been through immunotherapy-- taking up to 4 shots/week for molds and pollens. I took the shots for 9 years and have stopped now for the last couple years. My allergist says I do not have asthma and referred me to a gastro guy to check for acid reflux. The gastro guy says I don't have enough reflux to be causing my exhausting, embarrassing, chronic cough. The cough is so chronic, that at times I cannot speak an entire sentence without coughing. It really is embarrassing to me! Sometimes my voice goes to a whisper or I seem to 'choke out' mid-sentence. Sometimes I feel what I describe as a wheeze, or that my breath is squeezing out of my lungs. My next plan to try and help myself become healthy again--is to see a pulmonary doctor. Also--Benadryl helps diminish the cough but that wears me out by the day's end.
I REALLY needs some relief if anyone has experienced similar symptoms and can offer some advice. My idea is that I have post nasal drip and/or asthma.
ANYWAY-- in looking for what could be causing my cough--I came across these "tonsil stone" references. I have them and it's only taken...30 years for me to figure out what they're called! I recall finding my first one around age 10 years, or so. Like many others, I asked my dentist and others about it -- but no one has ever known what they were. Now I know what they are! Isn't the net such a cool place?!

guest commented on 24 Apr 2007, 20:47:03
Have been through the whole "chronic cough" gamut for the past 16 months! Started with an "atypical bactierial in fection" - sick and feverish with a terrible cough for three weeks. Finally recovered but cough has come and gone since. I also have tonsil stones and recently came to realize that there must be a connection! Just starting to explore prevention of the stones. Allegra D did help for awhile during Spring growth and allergy season here ( I'm in Florida) but now that is not as effective - Going to my Dr when I get home to NY next week and going to really pursue this! Makes me crazy and the bad breath is terrible!

guest commented on 01 May 2007, 15:11:24
am i the only person who has smelled their tonsil stones? while hacking, the white ball of gunk shot into the palm of my hand. then, i crushed it between my fingers, and smelled them. it literally smells like fecal matter. can others relate to this? Yeah, I know it's gross. :( I think they need to start a tonsil-stones support group.

guest commented on 02 May 2007, 11:09:27
I totally freaked out last night when I saw a white clump in my tonsil. I am so uncomfortable wondering how to get rid of it without gagging myself...just bought a water pik. Thanks for the info!

guest commented on 16 May 2007, 20:30:11
Answering the second guest:
Hi, I'm sorry about your chronic cough. I think what you are describing might be what I experience, also. All of us sudden I start coughing, in mid-sentence, whenevr, and can't stop for the life of me till I turn almost blue. Really, I turn so red from sudden and continuous coughs that at the end I almost whoop/wheeze to get enough air in. It is cyclical though, and does not always happen. When I am going thru a high-occuring period, though, sometimes I'd be afraid to make a phone call, as I'd be afraid that I would not be able to finish it if the episode occured. I have handed the phone to my husband a few times as the "attack" came and I could not talk for the life of me.
Now, I am not sure that I can offer much by way of advice. Mine started when I was about 27 years old or so. I don't know what it is, but in the last few years I've also started getting a lot of sore throats/tonsil pain. Here are my current thoughts:
1. As it seems to be worse in the winter, I wonder if it has to do with the dry air aggravated by the forced-heating system. My throat must be irritated anyway, so predisposed to further weakening by the forced-air.
2. I do have physician-confirmed chronic post nasal drip that is causing irritation of the tonsils and throat.
Therefore, do you think humidifying the air would help (I haven't tried since i can't keep up with the filter changes - but might try a filterless humidifier/vaporizer this winter)?
Do you have enlarged tonsils by any chance? Mine are "irregular" in the doctor's terms (who advised I have them removed due to chronic sore throat that even made me go thru MRI to rule out tumors, etc...) and might be causing some disturbance to the normal air flow and perhaps causing further irritation to the throat.
I am sorry this is not much help. But perhaps thinking out loud this way might get you started in a direction that ends up useful for you.
One thing that I think is the case with this condition, not being sure you have the same issue, of course - is that I don't think it is anything "serious" like asthma, etc..., but some sort of mechanical problem that results form the anomalies/irritations of the throat. This is my thinking at the time, but I don't know better.
I hope you find your cure. Do let me know how it goes, please.

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Tonsil stones not Cancerous
Went to the doctor.

Post-Tonsillectomy stories
For anyone who has had a tonsillectomy did you have any issues or problems after it? Do you totally ...

White Spots on Tonsils
Wondering what those white spots on your tonsils are? Relax,they're relatively harmless but can be ...

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